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Driver’s License Reinstatement

You’ve had to dramatically alter your whole life because your driving privileges were revoked following a DUI conviction, a conviction for driving on a suspended license or for some other reason. It hasn’t been easy, but soon you’ll be eligible to get your driving privileges reinstated. Are you ready?

If you can’t answer that question with a confident “Yes,” call 309-663-7200 to speak with an experienced attorney at the Wright Law Office in Bloomington, Illinois. We’re ready to help you make the strongest possible case for reinstatement of your driving privileges at your administrative reinstatement hearing.

Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward

To get your license back, you have to be able to show the state that you’ve complied with everything you’ve been asked to do and that you’re no longer a “danger to public safety.”

Here in Illinois, each driver’s potential “danger” to others is assigned a risk level based on the nature of the offense that led to the revocation and his or her complete driving record. The “minimal risk” category is usually assigned to first-time DUI offenders who have otherwise good driving records. There are also moderate, significant and high-risk (dependent and nondependent) categories. The higher the level of risk assigned, the more difficult it will be to get the privileges reinstated.

As your lawyer, John D. Wright will work closely with you before the hearing to make sure that all of the necessary documentation is in order (based on your sentence and level of assigned risk) and to make sure that you’re prepared to put your best foot forward when the time comes.

This includes helping you obtain alcohol/drug evaluations from qualified treatment providers. Because these evaluations are only good for six months, we generally recommend that clients obtain them shortly before the first administrative hearing. That way, if the state does not reinstate your license after the first attempt, the evaluation will still be acceptable for the next hearing, which you have to wait four months to get.

Driver’s License Suspension? Contact Us For Help Getting It Back.

Our firm represents people throughout central Illinois in driver’s license reinstatement proceedings, as well as out-of-state drivers. We also work hard to secure restricted driver’s permits in cases where clients are not yet eligible for full reinstatement.

Contact us online or call our offices directly at 309-663-7200 to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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