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The process of adopting a child can be an emotional time, and there are many legal matters to consider. At Wright Law Office, we represent married couples, stepparents, grandparents, close family members and other individuals in adoption proceedings.


We Can Help Answer All Of Your Questions

Whether you are looking to adopt a child, or you have a child you need to put up for adoption, you probably have many questions. Who can legally adopt a child? What are the differences between an agency adoption and a private adoption? How do I go about adopting my stepson or stepdaughter? What are the financial considerations?

We can walk you through the process, make sure you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, and provide you with the legal documentation you need. In addition, we can provide the services of a guardian ad litem, which is required by law in every adoption case.


We Are There Every Step Of The Way

At Wright Law Office, we work to make the adoption process as smooth as possible. We understand that every situation is different and will work individually with you to achieve your specific adoption goals. We will evaluate your case, explain the process step by step and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

We assist with the petition to terminate parental rights so that the adoption can move forward. In terminating a biological parent’s parental rights, it may be necessary to locate an absent parent to obtain their consent or gather evidence to prove that parent is unfit. We have experience in all these matters and offer our clients effective, compassionate representation.

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We are committed to finding the best legal solutions for each client’s particular situation. We offer flexible scheduling and reasonable fees. If you have questions about adoption or need quality legal representation, call 309-663-7200 to schedule a consultation with our attorney at our Bloomington law offices. You may also contact us online.


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