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Post-Divorce Modifications

What do you do:

  • If the child custody and parenting time arrangement you agreed to in the divorce doesn’t make sense anymore or needs to be changed for some other reason?
  • If the amount of maintenance (alimony) or child support is now too high or too low due to changes in income?
  • If a great new job opportunity means moving out of state but you have primary residential custody of the children?

These are just some of the questions people find themselves asking after a divorce has supposedly been “finalized.” In many cases, in fact, these questions arise a lot sooner than people expected.

At the Wright Law Office in Bloomington, Illinois, we help people throughout the central portion of the state obtain modifications of divorce orders involving child custody, parenting time, spousal support and child support. For the answers and skilled legal representation you need to accomplish that goal, call our offices at 309-663-7200 and schedule a consultation with attorney John D. Wright.

Has There Been A Substantial Change In Circumstances?

This is the basic requirement for modifying orders related to child custody agreements, parenting time, child support and spousal support even though the term “substantial change” is defined differently for each type of modification. If the order pertains to children, you must also be able to convince the court that the change you’re asking for is in the best interests of those children.

“What about parental relocation after divorce?”

In Illinois, a custodial parent cannot move out of the state without obtaining a court order. These cases pose challenges for each side and often wind up in litigation so whether it’s you who wants to move or your ex, the sooner you speak to an attorney the better.

“Can a property division settlement be modified too?”

Actually yes, but it involves a different process and is not an option if more than 90 days have passed since the divorce decree was issued. If your divorce was finalized less than 90 days ago and you would like to revisit this issue, speak to a lawyer about your options as soon as possible.

“Does your law firm provide help with enforcing the terms of child custody, parenting time and support orders?”

Yes, we do.

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To learn more about how we can help and what we have to offer you as a firm, call us at 309-663-7200 or email us to schedule a consultation. We also feature reasonable legal fees and will work with you to schedule this meeting at a time and place that are convenient for you.

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