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Parental Responsibilities

Parental responsibilties (formerly known as child custody) and who has majority of parenting time can be one of the most difficult issues to resolve for parents who decide to part ways.

Some of the most common reasons for this include the volatile emotions that often accompany the end of a relationship, the desires of each parent to have more time with his or her children rather than less, and even financial considerations associated with the issue of child support. Unfortunately, these factors can and frequently do lead to some very bad decision-making by moms and dads.

An experienced attorney who’s committed to protecting your interests but also the best interests of your children can go a long way toward helping you find a better solution. For an attorney like that in Bloomington or central Illinois, call the Wright Law Office at 309-663-7200.


The Best Interests Of The Child

There are two different aspects of parental responsibilties in Illinois: decision-making and parenting time.
Decision-making can be done jointly or individually. Decision-making provides who makes decisions in regards to the children’s welfare, which includes such issues as education, religion, medical care and extracurricular activities.

Parenting time can be shared or awarded solely to one parent. Parenting time means the time during which a parent is responisble for exercising caretaking fucntions and non-signifigant decision-making responsibilities with respect to the child. Parties must submit a parenting plan to the court when children are involved, which is a written agreement which allocates signifigant decision-making responisibilities, parenting time, or both.

Whether it’s reached by mutual agreement or through litigation, parental responsilbitities arrangements in any case must be resolved according to “the best interests of the children” standard. This standard essentially requires Illinois judges to consider several factors when reviewing shared parenting agreements or issuing a ruling in a contested divorce case.

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